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     Most dance photography concentrates on the dancers’ bodies and their virtuosity. In Venti Petrov’s photo-story book of the ballet he choreographed, Dear Nadezhda, the real focus is the love story. It is difficult enough to choreograph a classical narrative ballet on the actual lives of world famous people, in this case Peter Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck. It becomes much harder when the protagonists were in love, yet deliberately avoided meeting one another in person. To recount and illustrate this intriguing narrative ballet is what choreographer/dancer Venti Petrov has done in a book of spectacular photography.
Venti Petrov - Dancer, Choreographer and Ballet Master
     The photo-story book captures the most exciting, revealing and emotionally moving moments of the ballet. The choreography, the dancers and the movement are captured in vivid photography, and beyond that the spiritual inner workings of the characters that move the story forward also come alive. The most representative and cathartic moments are forever fixed on these pages. Short quotations from the collected correspondence of Nadezhda and Peter illuminate the more elusive aspects of their love. Four short essays give informative background and historical information; several pictures illustrate the choreographic and photographic process. This book gives some insight into the conception and presentation of classical ballet, and is enjoyable and understandable for young readers as well as for the older balletomanes. It has something to offer for anyone interested in dance, classical ballet, photography and in general the arts.

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