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El Cid - An Epic Work – The Culmination of Five Years of Research

The depth of the story is matched by the prodigious amount of work Venti Petrov has undertaken over the last several years in order to assemble this ballet. Petrov first researched over 30 of Jules Massenet’s operas and ballet compositions in order to create an original musical score. From Jules Massenet’s opera “Le Cid”, Petrov only used 6 pieces. Petrov first choreographed a one-act ballet premiered at the Dokoudovsky New York Conservatory of Dance on April 17th, 2010. The studio performance received critical acclaim from the American and Russian press:

“There are few choreographers today who create successful full-length story ballets in the pure classical ballet style. This is why Venti Petrov’s Cid, performed this spring season at the New York Conservatory of Dance’s space, was such a pleasant surprise... Petrov is a versatile and inventive choreographer with many successful ballets to his credit.”
         - Suzanne Walther, Attitude Dance Magazine 2010.

“Venti Petrov is well known as a gifted dancer, with unrivalled success in principal roles. At a Gala concert at Lincoln Center, he presented his own choreography in 2000 and 2002. Now he is dancing the lead role of Le Cid, endowing his hero with a particular sensitivity, bubbling from the bottom of the soul and bursting through the surface with astonishing energy. To watch him dance, is to be in the presence of Le Cid himself - a legendary hero, filled with passion and thirsting for love.”
         - Margareta Schkliarevskaya, Russian Bazaar 2010.

Having assembled additional music, Petrov is now presenting a ballet in two acts. This enables him to cover important aspects of the story, including war tribulations and Rodrigo’s longing for Jimena’s forgiveness. El Cid is probably the only full-length classical story ballet created so far this century. The depth of the characters, the suspense of the plot and the enchantingly beautiful music are bound to leave many future generations wondering why no-one tackled the challenge of creating such a ballet masterpiece. Just like his main protagonist, the ballet El Cid is destined to enter the repertoire of generations of artists to come.