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El Cid - An Epic Story - When Love Conflicts With Duty

Also known as Rodrigo Ruiz, El Cid unified Spain, conquered the Moors and was admired by all, especially women. He attracted the interest of the King's daughter who could have elevated him to her rank. Rather than marrying into royalty he chose to remain faithful to the love of his life, Jimena.

The ballet opens up on a happy note, as the couple’s engagement is announced and Rodrigo’s father is nominated Preceptor of the Crown. This joyous event takes a tragic turn as Jimena’s father, a nobleman and head of the King’s army, had expected the nomination to go to him…Attacked by jealousy, he provokes Rodrigo’s father into a duel. Too old to fight, Rodrigo’s father asks his son to restore his honor. Rodrigo is torn between his sense of duty and his love for Jimena. He foresees the irreparable damage that is about to wreck the young couple’s marriage plans. Yet Rodrigo, heartbroken, follows his father’s orders. The duel that ensues, the onset of war and Jimena’s conflicting feelings towards Rodrigo form the basis of this fascinating story.


An Epic Work – The Culmination of Five Years of Research